Quality policy

Quality policy

Essentially our Quality Policy is based on searching, innovation and adjustment of our products to the new tendencies, supporting ourselves in currently standards and keeping the quality such as main distinguishing and descriptive objective in Make our marks.

The clue of our stay in an everyday more exigent market, guide us the versatility and capacity of adaptation to new technologies, adopting a firm attitude, in the company traditional efficiency based on quality assurances models (getting as last finality the TOTAL QUALITY) and environmental respect. To achieve the TOTAL QUALITY and, obviously the client satisfaction, reason of our permanency in the market, it is needed the implication and compromise of all our employees.

From the Direction, the machinery of the company is fed, by means of the rights respect and the improvement of the social welfare of each member. By this way, we move forward managing the processes through the prevention and the continual improvement.

In order to achieve our objective, we have the collaboration of qualified staff that gives shape and structure to each department, acting all of them in symbiosis, and giving an environment of values, implication and motivation. These values determine our organizational behavior and help us to reach our objectives with efficiency.

The actions taken in order to accomplish our objectives are:

  • Establish a Quality System which is continuously improving by means of a feedback process.
  • Guarantee our staff competences by means of training our technical team, technical-commercial, productive and administrative; supporting an environment of communication, participation and appreciating its ethical behavior.
  • Make up a Company structure base on the human factor, principal active of the Company, and its integration into the work system.
  • Permanent contact and valuation of our clients’ loyalty so as to know and satisfy their needs and improve their attention.
  • Permanent contact with our suppliers, understood as collaborators of our total system, establishing loyalty when is possible.
  • Constant technological innovation and personalized product design under oreder (ocasionally), in order to keep high the standards of efficiency.
  • Keep a well-organized work environment and in harmony, which compromise the collaboration of every department to satisfy common objectives.
  • Assign the necessary resources in order to assure the Quality System maintenance, the prevention, detection and defects correction, always tending to the continuous improvement.
  • Assure that our activities and products are environmental respectful, accomplishing the ISO 14001 requirements.
  • Take control of our organization labour risks, improving the performance in Safety and Health, accomplishing the OHSAS 18001 requirements.


By means of a correct accomplishment of these actions, we achieve the assurance of the quality; applying the continuous improvement to our implemented system, we try to reach the Total Quality, that has a positive repercussion in the Client Satisfaction. This is basically our final objective, since it is the way to exploit to the full the common effort, grow and increase everybody welfare.