Our origins

Our origins

More than 50 years ago, Manuel Baixauli Pons, a young entrepreneur, economist self-formed in chemistry with a specialty in Matières Plastiques decides to create a small company intended to manufacture and commercialize construction products.

Innovative in each section that made up the company, he designs the first cement-glue in the market and the first elastomeric monolayer waterproofing film. Both were revolutionary products during those days, that were immediately re-designed by other companies with better economical and expansion capacity.

With time and effort, Manuel achieves a foothold in the market, releasing a wide plasters range, until asserting its place as one of the most important companies in manufacture and quality.

Meanwhile, the gradual incorporation of the four members that form nowadays the Directive team, have given to Baixens different ideas although always keeping an unity and a common Know-how, based on the principles of each component and always respecting the familiar company filosofy.

In 2004, its founder, decides to stay as supervisor of the new directive team, practicing only as consultant in projects and business.

Ten years later, Manuel Baixauli Pons, follows closely the progress of its creation